Bilby Community Development Ltd. is a registered charity with the Commissioner of Charities. We seek your help and support in our cause, and every bit you may spare is put towards providing more opportunities for the youths we work with to explore, learn, and grow through adversities and towards a better self.

We appreciate any and every support provided to us, and hope to seek yours in supporting the positive development of the youths of Singapore.


We seek your help and support in helping finance our programmes and services! Every bit you are able to spare will allow us to reach out to more youths - providing them with the best possible care and opportunities for them to develop and grow.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!


We welcome anyone who is passionate and caring towards youths to come volunteer with us! Be it through mentoring youths, counselling, event planning, or supporting our work through media and design, if you have the time and wish to support us, do get in touch with us!


We are constantly on the lookout for like minded individuals who are passionate and committed to providing opportunities for youths to have new experiences, explore new interests and learn new skills. If you or your organisation wish to contribute and support our works, or offer your services, do get in touch with us!