youth SUPPORT & well-being PROGRAMME

Everyone goes through a difficult patch in life - changes in our environment, relationship issues, stress or anxiety, concerns over family matters, feeling aimless or lost. All these could bring us down, and affect our motivation and mood in our daily lives.

What if at times, all we needed was someone to talk to, someone who will listen to you, hear and understand your concerns. Someone who can relate, support and empathise with you.

What if at times we hope to have someone to have a meaningful conversation with? To talk about the troubles and stresses in life. The burning questions and topics we have that we want to ask or talk about, but never had the opportunity or avenue to.

Our programme to provide at-risk or high needs youths with support and guidance through their difficult transitions or episodes in life.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide meaningful engagement

  • To improve well-being

  • To increase resilience

  • To encourage excellence

This programme aims to provide youths with an avenue to seek help and support, through having someone to talk to and engage in activities with.

Our Youth Workers, Counsellors, or Youth Mentors will engage in meaningful interactions and/or participating in activities together, while providing social and emotional support to the youths - focusing on improving their well-being, resilience, and pursuit of excellence.


This programme is not to replace counselling or any necessary intervention. This serves as an complimentary programme, to allow the youths to discuss their troubles or worries, or just having a positive individual around them who can support and guide them, without the worry of being judged or told what to do.

If you, or know of someone who may benefit from this, do reach out to us to enquire more!

You may call or Whatsapp Message us at 8857 6897 or email to learn more.