put the youth first
Through our collective years of working with youths, we have come to find many youths feeling uninterested and unmotivated in the programmes and services they are put through. And we learned that oftentimes, they are mandated to join these workshops, activities, programmes, or courses because "we feel that it will be beneficial and good for them." This often results in the youths feeling unmotivated, uninterested, and being disengaged.

We learned that youths want to be able to explore their own interests and passion, they want to be able to freely express themselves, and to explore what they like or to be good at. They are just unsure of that they can do, or how they can do so.

At Bilby, our aim is to understand the needs and wants of the youths - to hear and understand them - and by putting them first, strive to curate and offer programmes and services that would interest, motivate and encourage them.

Our approach and focus:

"First, listen and understand their needs and wants.

Next, build the connection with them. Support them.

Then, you will find they are motivated to do and be anything they want and can be."